Water Well Pumps & Service

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COMPLETE PUMP SYSTEM – Sales - Installation - Service

Kohnen Concrete Products is the only company you need to contact to finish the job. KCP offers professional, licensed personnel to install the pump in the well and trench the water and electric service into the house.
This is important because not only does it relieve the homeowner from the hassle of contacting multiple contractors to finish the job, it assures that the installation will be properly completed. The modern water delivery system is one of the most reliable appliances in the household today and offers a level of sophistication not even dreamed of ten years ago. The latest innovation is constant pressure pump systems which eliminate the annoying fluctuation of pressure associated with water well pump systems since they were first installed a hundred years ago. However, the designer and installer must have complete knowledge of the function and relationship of the components to assure proper and reliable operation. No two installations are exactly the same. These variables will determine the size of the pump, pressure tank and wire size used in the installation. Kohnen Concrete Products includes a five year warranty on the pump, motor and pressure tank. Other than the variable speed controls for constant pressure systems these are the major operational components of the system. KCP also warrants defects in material and workmanship (labor) for one year.

Pumps—KCP offers Goulds pumps for most residential applications. Goulds is a nationally recognized company which manufactures the highest quality pumps and motors available today. Whether it is the standard submersible system or the constant pressure system, KCP can supply the equipment for your installation.

Pressure tanks—KCP offers Well-Rite pressure tanks.

Kohnen Concrete Products no longer offers evening and weekend pump system service.

Going forward, KCP will no longer drill water wells.
We are referring well drilling inquiries to D&S Drilling, Inc. in Millstadt, IL.

Services are offered for old wells not being used to prevent contamination of underground water supplies. It is important when sealing a well, that specific procedures are followed as outlined by Illinois regulations. Contact us with the specific information of the well to be sealed for a quote.

A sealing material used in construction and abandonment of wells and is available in powder, granular and chip form.